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Unique hotel Molotoff Capsule Hotel, Russia

Molotoff Capsule Hotel

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Capsule hotel with a style!

Who needs room service, spa, TV, and fine-dining restaurant? It's better to not pay for all that and save some money! That's exactly what unusual Molotoff Capsule Hotel is about. That and style. Everything here is colorful and fun - you really want to try this place after seeing the photos! 

Capsules are comfortable and there are bathrooms, lockers and beautiful lounge area on site. Hotel is located near Bolshoi Theatre, and Historical Museum and friendly concierge will help you with tours and information. Nice and cheap.

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Unique hotel Molotoff Capsule Hotel1, Russia


Unique hotel Molotoff Capsule Hotel2, Russia


Unique hotel Molotoff Capsule Hotel3, Russia


Unique hotel Molotoff Capsule Hotel4, Russia


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