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Unique hotel Mozart Hotel, Belgium

Mozart Hotel

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Sleep in the Thousand and One Nights Palace

Ten minutes from Grand Place, hidden behind the ordinary facade is one of the most unusual hotels in Belgium. Once you step in you will be stunned by the interiors: Middle East and Andalusian styles are mixed with Enlighment paintings and modern technology. Whether it was coincidence or everything was carefully planned - we love it! Hard to find more lively hotel in this part of Europe.

There is a nice Riad-like patio, restaurant with breakfast buffet and AC in the rooms. Hotel is conveniently located near Grand Place. Real gem.

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Air conditioning


Unique hotel Mozart Hotel1, Belgium


Unique hotel Mozart Hotel2, Belgium


Unique hotel Mozart Hotel3, Belgium


Unique hotel Mozart Hotel4, Belgium


Unique hotel Mozart Hotel5, Belgium


Unique hotel Mozart Hotel6, Belgium


Unique hotel Mozart Hotel7, Belgium


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