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Unique hotel Museum Hotel Cappadocia, Turkey

Museum Hotel Cappadocia

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"Best Boutique Hotel in Turkey", "Best Luxury Hotel in Europe", "Best Hotel in Europe", "Best Luxury Historical Hotel in Turkey"  - all these awards can give you idea just how unique Museum Hotel Cappadocia is. Hotel is house to impressive collection of Persian, Ottoman and Roman artefacts - just in case you were wondering about its name.

Cave rooms are quite cozy (for a cave!) and hotel offers a lot to its guests: fine dining restaurant, managed by famous chef Murat Bozok where you can eat or join cooking classes. You can relax in Spa or swimming pool. Of course typical Cappadocian activities like hot-air balloon rides, horseriding, mountain biking and trekking are all available thanks to helpfull concierge. Top booking in Cappadocia!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities

Horse riding

Unique hotel Museum Hotel Cappadocia1, Turkey


Unique hotel Museum Hotel Cappadocia2, Turkey


Unique hotel Museum Hotel Cappadocia4, Turkey


Unique hotel Museum Hotel Cappadocia6, Turkey


Unique hotel Museum Hotel Cappadocia7, Turkey


Unique hotel Museum Hotel Cappadocia8, Turkey


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