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Unique hotel Mustang Monument Resort, United States

Mustang Monument Resort

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Stay at the tipi and roam free with 650 wild mustangs!

You don't get that chance very often, but unique hotel Mustang Monument Resort offers you excursions to visit magnificent creatures living on the private land. You can do that on foot, on the back of the horse or off-roading. Naturally horse-riding lessons are available among archery, rock climbing and paintballing.

That's not all - your room will be inside big and colorful tipi tent, where you will spend a night. Whole resort is as much eco-friendly as possible, so your stay here will be guilt free too.

Perfect place for unforgettable experience!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning

Art classes
Bird watching
Horse riding
Rock climbing

Unique hotel Mustang Monument Resort1, United States


Unique hotel Mustang Monument Resort4, United States


Unique hotel Mustang Monument Resort5, United States


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