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Unique hotel Nhow Berlin, Germany

Nhow Berlin

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Hotel with live concerts and its own recording studio

Ever wanted to record your album? Now you have a chance - unique hotel Nhow Berlin provides Music Manager, equipment, and studio to give you a chance to become top artist!

Concerts and parties frequently start out of nowhere on the rooftop, so you never know where your evening will go. Rooms have unique design and are equipped with top audio system - you can listen to your new album in quality! Must-book for every music lover!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Fitness area

Unique hotel Nhow Berlin1, Germany


Unique hotel Nhow Berlin2, Germany


Unique hotel Nhow Berlin4, Germany


Unique hotel Nhow Berlin5, Germany


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Unique hotel Nhow Berlin8, Germany


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Stralauer Allee 3 , Berlin, Germany