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Unique hotel Nusfjord Arctic Resort, Norway

Nusfjord Arctic Resort

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Spend a night at the fishing village dating back to 425 BC!

First settlements of Nusfjord are dating back to the 425 BC. Today with its 19 residents village was transformed into unique remote resort for anyone looking for peace, fishing and some unusual history. 
In its golden days of cod fishing there were over 1000 people living in the village centre, leaving infrastructure around, so expect here all the comforts typical for the hotel resorts. There are three cabin types to choose from: Harbor, Bay and Village cabins, each with its own history and marks of their previous residents. Rooms are compact but well designed unique features including fishermen accessories and tools. Inside you'll find crystal clear water, bathrobes, minibar, toiletries and ven hot baths in some.
There are three restaurants on site with the freshest fishes you'll ever eat. Karoline restaurant is placed in old food and whiskey store and serves treats such as sea urchins, blue mussels, truffle seaweed, smoked salmon, Lofoten lamb, and naturally the famous Lofoten cod. Landhandleriet Café is located in the old general store dating back to 1907 and serves famous fish soup and dried stock fish. 
If you want to dive even deeper into unique tastes of Norway take on a cooking class with restaurant chefs and learn how to combine ingredients by yourself, even with the fish you caught by yourself. Other activities include diving, kayaking, SUP, surfing, kiting, photography, yoga and spa. You'll remember this stay for long!
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Boat trips
Cooking classes
Cross-country skiing
Northern lights watching
Yoga classes

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