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Unique hotel Om Dom Hotel, Russia

Om Dom Hotel

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Admire views from a fairy-tale hotel!

This lovely fairy-tale hotel has been placed in equally charming surroundings of Mt. Aibg in Krasnaya Polana. Every meter of this place has been carefully decorated, so expect no straight lines in this hobbit-house! It's even hard to see what materials were used to built it, so we checked: clay, wood, straw and...wax. How about that?

Hotel has only 10 rooms and a lovely viewing deck with a view to the Krasnaya Polana (Beautiful Valley). And yoga classes. Perfect little adventure!

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Unique hotel Om Dom Hotel1, Russia


Unique hotel Om Dom Hotel2, Russia


Unique hotel Om Dom Hotel3, Russia


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Komsomolsky Pereulok 1 , Krasnaya Polyana, Russia