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Unique hotel Pahkli Holiday House, Estonia

Pahkli Holiday House

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Relax in a traditional country house!

If you're thinking about getting close to nature in Estonia, this unique place is a good idea. Traditional rural house made from timber, and with sod roof (Scandinavian type of insulation with birch and with grass on top) These types of roof are dissappearing, so it is a good chance to have a close look!

Inside you will find cozy hanging beds, sleeping net hanging under the roof, kitchenette and fireplace. Outside there is barbeque, Baltic Sea and... friendly alpacas. Looks like there's everything you might need for a good stay!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning


Unique hotel Pahkli Holiday House1, Estonia


Unique hotel Pahkli Holiday House2, Estonia


Unique hotel Pahkli Holiday House3, Estonia


Unique hotel Pahkli Holiday House4, Estonia


Unique hotel Pahkli Holiday House5, Estonia


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