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Unique hotel Pairi Daza, Belgium

Pairi Daza

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Sleep right next to fascinating animals!

Welcome to Pairi Daza - unique hotel in animal park inhabited by elephants, tigers, polar bears, penguins and wolves. Here you'll have a chance to spend a night right next to some of these amazing creatures!

The most unique rooms here include ‘Walrus House’, which has underwater views of these playful creatures, ‘Tiger House’ overlooking endangered King of The Jungle home and ‘Penguin Rooms’ with both over and underwater windows overlooking the most cheerful birds on the planet. If you prefer observing wolves, brown bears, sea lions or even polar bears before you fall asleep - that’s fine – you’ll find your adventure in one of the 100 rooms Pairi Daza has to offer.

Your stay will include access to the park, handling of your luggage, parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast, dinner and a small welcoming gift. Pairi Daza in Old Persian means "paradise on Earth", but you have to come and see it to actually believe it.

One of the best in the world.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning

Animal watching
Bird watching

Unique hotel Pairi Daza1, Belgium


Unique hotel Pairi Daza2, Belgium


Unique hotel Pairi Daza3, Belgium


Unique hotel Pairi Daza4, Belgium


Unique hotel Pairi Daza6, Belgium


Unique hotel Pairi Daza7, Belgium


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