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Unique hotel Palacio Nazarenas, Peru

Palacio Nazarenas

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Move back in time in restored 500 year old hotel!

Built in 1500's on the previous Inca walls, this place is rich with history: it was used as a school, convent and even church, before becoming one of the best and most unique hotels in Cusco.

Today you can enjoy staying among restored frescoes, beautiful private gardens, renowned restaurant, spa and swimming pool. Top choice in Cusco!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool

Yoga lessons

Unique hotel Palacio Nazarenas1, Peru


Unique hotel Palacio Nazarenas4, Peru


Unique hotel Palacio Nazarenas5, Peru


Unique hotel Palacio Nazarenas6, Peru


Unique hotel Palacio Nazarenas7, Peru


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Plazoleta Nazarenas 144 , Cusco, Peru