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Unique hotel Peabody Memphis, United States

Peabody Memphis

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Sleep with the famous Peabody Ducks!

Luckily not in the same bed, but the birds are permanent residents here. Peabody Ducks live here on the roof since 1930's, when General Manager of the hotel decided to place them in the hotel fountain. Since then, one of the Bellmans was given the position of "Duckmaster" (the only such position in the world) and since he worked previously in circus, he taught the ducks how to march to the hotel lobby.

Everyday at 11:00 am ducks are marching to the fountain in the hotel's lobby, where they stay in the fountain before going back to their rooftop penthouse. This is amazing - even for unique hotels website! Of course, if ducks get a top treatment so do you - expect 5 star rooms, fine dining restaurants and spa.

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Air conditioning
Swimming pool

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149 Union Avenue , Memphis, United States