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Unique hotel Pearl Palace Heritage, India

Pearl Palace Heritage

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Welcome to unique Pearl Palace Heritage. Heritage in the name means that every room here is decorated according to different architectural or cultural aspects from all accross the India. And there's a big 'H' in the front. 

All rooms here are meticulously decorated bringing to life old times, far places, religion and rich culture.

Our favorite is Khwabgah Premium Room that reflects Emperors Bedroom from the Dream Palace. Original room had secret passage to the harem, new version has AC. Nirvana Room is inspired by Ladakh region of high mountains and Buddha influence. 

Some rooms here include traditional Madhubani paintings done with fingers, twigs, brushes, and matchsticks. Others are build with bamboo, clay and timber resembling Bhungas = traditional houses of the Kutch region. There's beautiful room decorated with forgotten art os Thikri mirror mosaics. Another one has copy of Warli tribe paintings - with history dating back to 10th century BC. 

Sleeping here will be guaranteed experience, but if you're looking for more, try dining here- you will not be dissapointed. Culture vultures can see the city using vintage jeep or simply fly in the balloon and admire beautiful palaces and lakes of Pink City from above.

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