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Unique hotel Pedras Salgadas, Portugal

Pedras Salgadas

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Get close to nature in 4-star eco-treehouse!

Unique hotel Pedras Salgadas offers you a stay in the one-of-a-kind treehouse. It looks futuristic, has a big window facing the forest andcozy rooms with bathroom, kitchen and a bed.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the eco-bungalows with TV and terrace. Of course everything here is eco-friendly, from building materials to LED lighting. You can have a party in the old casino building, swim at the pool or relax at the spa. The choice is yours!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Pedras Salgadas1, Portugal


Unique hotel Pedras Salgadas2, Portugal


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Parque Pedras Salgadas , Bornes de Aguiar, Portugal