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Unique hotel Pelican Point Lodge, Namibia

Pelican Point Lodge

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Relax in the remote lighthouse surrounded by seals!

Placed on the long stretch of sand in the remote area of Walvis Bay, this unique hotel is one of our long-time favourites, and top lodges in the world. 

Located in the 100 year-old light house with relaxing lounges, restaurant and baths in the room Pelican Point Lodge has a lot to offer. You can observe wandering jackals, listen to the 20,000 seals, watch flamingoes, beautiful sunsets or landscape during full moon.

And if you would like to try something more active, you can try kitesurfing, kayaking with seals, quad and 4x4 trips and dolphin cruises. Sounds good? That's because it is.

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Unique hotel Pelican Point Lodge2, Namibia


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Pelican Point Lodge , Walvis Bay, Namibia