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Unique hotel Pu Luong Treehouse, Viet Nam

Pu Luong Treehouse

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Charming treehouse in the remote rural area

Away from the crowds and beeping horns of the city, tucked between green hills lies unique Pu Luong Treehouse. It's owner - Zoom zoom used to be a private tour organiser, before coming to this remote area and immediately falling in love with it. You won't see any tourists here - it's just you and the landscapes, nature, history and people of Vietnam.

Whole lodge and the treehouse were built by master Vietnamese bamboo builder. Old techniques were mixed with modern features like skylights
and glass windows. All treehouses are 2.5m above the ground and are connected by footbridges and nets to lounge overlooking rice paddies.  Inside you'll find double beds, towels, toiletries, mosquito nets and tea sets.

Zoom will do her best to make you feel at home and arrange you many interesting experiences including making bamboo baskets and cooking classes where you can learn to cook fried spring rolls and eggplant in a clay pot. She can teach you some yoga arrange cycling tours around village and along the Ma River. There are also motorbike tours (not much traffic around here), boat or bamboo rafting tours with local villagers.

Real hidden treasure!

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Party area

Local guide trips
Cooking classes
Yoga classes

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