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Unique hotel Q Station, Australia

Q Station

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Dare to stay at the haunted quarantine station!

After 150 years of protecting Sydney from European diseases, Syndey Quarantine Station transformed into unique boutique hotel. Your room here will have everything you can expect from a 3-star hotel. You have option to choose more secluded suite in separate house, if you wish too . Most of the surrounding buildings have been restored to its former glory, so you can experience the unusual tour of history and...ghost-hunting!

And the last ones are taken here quite seriously! On the tour you will use the proffesional-ghost hunting equipment as seen on TV shows. And if you're really brave try Ghosty Sleepover, where you will sleep in one of the most haunted precintcs. Yikes!

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Q Station, 1 N Head Scenic Dr, , Manly, Australia