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Unique hotel Reykjavik Domes, Iceland

Reykjavik Domes

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Watch Northern Lights from a cozy tent

We've all stayed at the hotel at some point in our lives. But how many of us can say that they stayed in tent during winter? We have unusual option for you: unique dome tents located on the outskirts of Reykjavik. It's warm, unusual and romantic. 

Inside you'll find fireburner, comfy warm bed and electric blankets to keep you warm. Outside you'll find beatiful views and if lucky - Aurora Borealis. Good choice for the couples.

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Northern lights watching

Unique hotel Reykjavik Domes1, Iceland


Unique hotel Reykjavik Domes2, Iceland


Unique hotel Reykjavik Domes3, Iceland


Unique hotel Reykjavik Domes4, Iceland


Unique hotel Reykjavik Domes5, Iceland


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