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Unique hotel Rough Luxe Hotel, United Kingdom

Rough Luxe Hotel

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Stay in the only rough-luxury hotel in the world!

No paint on the walls but best cotton linen? This unique hotel decided to invest in the things that really matter. Maybe walls does not look the best, but you will get the best wine in the bar here! Maybe it does not look clean, but your shower cubicle will be spotless. Maybe there was no designer, but you'll find interesting art on the walls.

A place of many contrasts, but also a very interesting concept that can make your visit in London even more special!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Rough Luxe Hotel1, United Kingdom


Unique hotel Rough Luxe Hotel2, United Kingdom


Unique hotel Rough Luxe Hotel5, United Kingdom


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1 Birkenhead Street , London, United Kingdom