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Unique hotel Sacha Lodge, Ecuador

Sacha Lodge

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The story of this lodge begins in 1970 with Benny, a swiss nature lover, who for many years pursued his dream to open a lodge. In 1985 he opened his first lodge La Casa del Suizo. Captivated by the wilderness, he was looking for even more remote site for his new establishment. He visited Yasuni National Park, Huaorani Indian Territory and Aguarico River. About to give up he spoke about his dream to local man, who took him to the perfect spot’. Both hiked through the swamp (present location of the boardwalk) until they got to the beautiful lagoon. Benny immediately fell in love with it, called it Pilchicocha and bought 500 acres of the surrounding land, and soon 170 workers started construction of the famous wooden tower.

Today Sacha Lodge is surrounded by 5000 acres of private reserve habited by many animal species including 8 species of monkeys, 50 species of bats, anteaters, sloths and 600 species of colorful birds. Rooms are traditionally decorated with all modern comforts like hot showers, ceiling fans and mosquito nets. Lodge has its own restaurant and bar; swimming pool and canopy walk. It is a perfect base for Napo river boat tours that will allow you to further discover amazing jungle with its blue morph butterflies, tamarind monkeys, amazing insects, toucans, boa snakes and caimans.

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Airport transfer
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities

Animal watching
Bird watching
Boat trips
Jungle trekking

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Sacha Lodge , Pilchicocha, Ecuador