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Unique hotel Scandinavian Wildlifepark, Denmark

Scandinavian Wildlifepark

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Spend a night surrounded by wild animals!

During the day, Scandinavian Wild Life Park is well-known place to observe wild animals - but during night, it turns into one of the most unique hotels in Denmark!

Take some basic camping gear with you, and you can spend an unforgettable night in the traditional Sami tent, or in one of the four shelters. It is pitched in the middle of park inhabited by polar bears, wolves, brown bears, deers, arctic foxes and more. Do not worry – all animals are in their enclosures, so you’re perfectly safe!

Price of the sleepover includes breakfast, time with one of the guides, and bags of feed for the reindeer, deer and goats. You can also arrange for a dinner to be prepared, or simply cook your own food on the barbecue or campfire. One thing is sure – this will be a night to remember!

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Unique hotel Scandinavian Wildlifepark1, Denmark


Unique hotel Scandinavian Wildlifepark2, Denmark


Unique hotel Scandinavian Wildlifepark3, Denmark


Unique hotel Scandinavian Wildlifepark4, Denmark


Unique hotel Scandinavian Wildlifepark5, Denmark


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