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Unique hotel Sharma Springs, Indonesia

Sharma Springs

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Stay in the largest bamboo hotel in the world!

Everyone knows bamboo. But not everyone knows that in Bali you can rent unique rooms, placed in largest bamboo structure in the world! We expect that this hotel soon will be very popular!

Check-in and explore different villas and treehouses that are even 6 floors-high. Design here is something extraordinary (we love the round revolving doors!), and not seen anywhere else in the world. Eco-enthusiasts, designers, designers and entrepreneurs are coming here from all over the world to see it on their own eyes, and take lessons in building from bamboo.

Interiors here are amazing and rooms simple yet elegant with stylish bathrooms. Terraces have amazing views over the jungle, while downstairs there is outdoor spa, yoga pavilon, barbeque and swimming pool to cool down.

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In hotel:

Swimming pool

Art classes
Bird watching
Yoga classes

Unique hotel Sharma Springs1, Indonesia


Unique hotel Sharma Springs2, Indonesia


Unique hotel Sharma Springs3, Indonesia


Unique hotel Sharma Springs4, Indonesia


Unique hotel Sharma Springs5, Indonesia


Unique hotel Sharma Springs6, Indonesia


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Badung Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Ge, Bali, Indonesia