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Unique hotel Silleruds Station, Sweden

Silleruds Station

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Spend a night in a historic train carriage

Here's a real treat for all the train lovers: real train carriage from 1959 where you can actually spend a night in! It's number is 4660 and 60 years ago it was a part of Statens Järnvägar - Swedish Train company operating from 1856. Originally it was designed as WL3 model and then redesigned into WL5. In the last few years of its service 4660 received international marking 'DE' and bravely travelled from Stockholm Berlin.

Today it has been refurbished with most care, and parked for its retirement in Silleruds Station. We are sure it will be happy when you book in and stay between walls that have seen fair part of the world. Friendly hosts offer transport from Kyrkerud and... some trolley train excursions! Book early.

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Unique hotel Silleruds Station1, Sweden


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Svensbyn 51 Sillerud , Arjang, Sweden