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Unique hotel Soho Beach Hotel, Russia

Soho Beach Hotel

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Stay in one of the best looking floating hotels in the world!

If boat and luxury had a child, it would look exactly like Soho Beach Russia. Located 30 minutes from Moscow's centre, you'll have all the luxury and quiet you might need. Hotel rooms have comfortable beds, bathrooms, TV and internet - everything you might need for a good rest. Hotel has restaurant, bar and... karaoke bar!

Zhivopisnaya Bay offers pleanty of activities, yacht, boat or aqua-bike rental in the summer and ice-rink in the winter. Very nice stay!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Soho Beach Hotel1, Russia


Unique hotel Soho Beach Hotel2, Russia


Unique hotel Soho Beach Hotel3, Russia


Unique hotel Soho Beach Hotel4, Russia


Unique hotel Soho Beach Hotel5, Russia


Unique hotel Soho Beach Hotel6, Russia


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1-y km Novorizhskoye shosse , Krasnogorsk, Russia