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Unique hotel St Jerome's Hotel, Australia

St Jerome's Hotel

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How about some rooftop glamping?

Here's an unusual idea - use rooftop of the shopping centre to create an amazing glamping, set in the middle of concrete jungle. And we must say - it works just great!

Tents are spacious and comfortable with double bed, bathrobes and AC. Once checked in, prepare to get a lot of  free stuff: breakfast, beer&cider, tea, cocktail at cocktail hour, bowling game, sauna and meditation class. 

Onsite you'll find showers, shop with all the things you might need (like alcohol), and amazing views of the city. So different from regular hotels!

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Unique hotel St Jerome's Hotel1, Australia


Unique hotel St Jerome's Hotel2, Australia


Unique hotel St Jerome's Hotel3, Australia


Unique hotel St Jerome's Hotel4, Australia


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Central Shopping Centre , Melbourne, Australia