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Unique hotel St Petersbourg Hotel, Estonia

St Petersbourg Hotel

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Stay in the hotel dating back to 14th century!

Located in center of Tallinn, this unique hotel has a long and eventful history dating back to 1373. It includes even being a residence for Leonid Brezhnev and Socialist Party!  Luckily, communism is gone, and today you can stay in this amazing place. What's better - in 2013 it has been renovated by British designer Andrew Martin, who preserved all the historical features and added some stylish twist to the interiors. The result is just amazing!

Inside you can enjoy two restaurants: "Hermitage", serving elegant estonian-russian food and "Kuldse Notsu Korts", which means...Golden Piglet Inn. The last one has a rather informal tavern atmosphere, with outdoor terrace and live performances. Solid choice!

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Unique hotel St Petersbourg Hotel1, Estonia


Unique hotel St Petersbourg Hotel2, Estonia


Unique hotel St Petersbourg Hotel3, Estonia


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