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Unique hotel Surprenantes Jules Verne, France

Surprenantes Jules Verne

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Stay in the Jules Verne inspired hotel!

Located in Nantes, where Jules Verne lived, unique hotel was created using his life and novels as inspiration. You will find your bedroom to be inside a giant suitcase that is accessible by a catwalk. Children's bed is on top of the bathroom, with ‘magic mirror’ that will keep small ones entertained.

Hotel has small modern kitchen with self catering facilities and lounge area, where can use digital library of the most famous novels of Julius Verne.

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Unique hotel Surprenantes Jules Verne1, France


Unique hotel Surprenantes Jules Verne2, France


Unique hotel Surprenantes Jules Verne4, France


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86 Quai de la Fosse , Nantes, France