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Unique hotel Swan Villas, Belize

Swan Villas

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Stay in unique organic architecture house

Fresh and stylish Swan Villas appeared recently on the unique hotels list. Probably no other structure like this exists in the world - Barin Ski Resort is the closest to resemble it that we know about. All villas are built with organic architectere philosophy that emphasises integration of all buildings, furnishings, and surroundings to become part of a unified composition. Well you can see for yourself how Javier Senosiain (the architect) did. We simply love it!

This unusual place is located on Placencia Pennisula, one mile from small town of Maya Beach with small souvenir shops and restaurants. Beach is just 70 meters away, and it's a great place for relaxing, snorkeling or diving. Top pick!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
Party area

Horse riding

Unique hotel Swan Villas1, Belize


Unique hotel Swan Villas2, Belize


Unique hotel Swan Villas3, Belize


Unique hotel Swan Villas4, Belize


Unique hotel Swan Villas5, Belize


Unique hotel Swan Villas6, Belize


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