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Unique hotel Szuflandia Apartments, Poland

Szuflandia Apartments

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Stay in the drawer!

In an old Polish comedy movie main characters were shrinked. After that they discovered hidden kingdom of dwarfes living in the drawers. It was called "Szuflandia". Today, you have a chance to stay in unique hotel inspired by the comfortable bedrooms from the movie.

 Most likely you'll find here everything you might need: kitchen, bathroom and comfortable bed. Plus big windows and modern design. Apartments are located right next to the ski slope, and beautiful forests ideal for trekking and mountain biking. Best drawer in the world.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Szuflandia Apartments1, Poland


Unique hotel Szuflandia Apartments2, Poland


Unique hotel Szuflandia Apartments3, Poland


Unique hotel Szuflandia Apartments4, Poland


Unique hotel Szuflandia Apartments5, Poland


Movie credit: Happiness Mode

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Wańkowska 15a , Wisła, Poland