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Unique hotel Talland Bay Hotel, United Kingdom

Talland Bay Hotel

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Charming hotel with levitating chairs

When you arrive to the hotel with the best restaurant in the South West, you do not expect to find fairy tales, happy pigs and huge parrots in the garden. But there they are! Just like the levitating chairs and portraits paintings of the resident dogs!

It doesn't mean that Talland Bay Hotel is not serious about the business - you will most likely have a great time here. Rooms are very comfortable and the restaurant is famous in UK for its food. Hotel has been around since 1940's but in 2015 O'Sullivans family decided to buy it and make it great once again. With success - today Talland Bay features unique 23 rooms and cottages. All within the charming location with cliff-drops, ocean views, famous beach and green scenery. Top pick!

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