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Unique hotel The Arctic Hideaway, Norway

The Arctic Hideaway

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One of the most interesting places to watch Northern Lights!

If you're thinking about combining unique lodging experience with Northern Lights watching, The Arctic Hideaway might be the perfect  place for you.

All here started in 2004 when owners bought remote piece of land and struggled to build the village. 9 years later they meet architects from the two most published architect offices in Norway, and it all went pretty fast from there.
Today, thanks to their stubbornness you can spend unforgettable nights in one of the most unique hotels in Norway. Onsite you'll find 10 houses of which 5 are designed to sleep in. One is a common kitchen (you can cook by yourself or arrange a food to be prepared by the chefs from Bodo. Other houses are chill out zone with cozy chairs and piano, sauna and outdoor cooking.

Around you'll won't find any cars, shops or stress. Instead there is peace, quiet, beautiful sunsets and if you're lucky enough - Aurora Borealis night spectacle.

To get here just fly to Bodo, get on a boat (2 departures daily) and one of the caretakers will meet you on the pier. Make sure to take warm clothes, food and alcohol. Have an unforgettable stay!

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In hotel:

BBQ facilities

Boat trips
Northern lights watching
Mountain trekking

Unique hotel The Arctic Hideaway1, Norway


Unique hotel The Arctic Hideaway2, Norway


Unique hotel The Arctic Hideaway3, Norway


Unique hotel The Arctic Hideaway4, Norway


Unique hotel The Arctic Hideaway5, Norway


Unique hotel The Arctic Hideaway6, Norway


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Sørværet 2-4 , Fleinvær, Norway