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Unique hotel The Capsule Hotel, Sri Lanka

The Capsule Hotel

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Stay in the Sci-Fi pod!

We’ve seen fair share of capsules, but these look like straight from sci-fi movie. If you want to feel like a traveler 100 years from now you’re welcome to do so! Each look like a part of the spaceship and offers TV, MP3 socket, charging station for your phone/tablet and reading light.

Outside your pod you’ll find Relaxing Area with sea view, Game Room, wash rooms (so ordinary!), fast Wi-Fi and luggage storage. Capsule Hotel is located 40 minutes from Bandanarayke International Airport and close many banks and restaurants. One of a kind!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning

Unique hotel The Capsule Hotel1, Sri Lanka


Unique hotel The Capsule Hotel2, Sri Lanka


Unique hotel The Capsule Hotel3, Sri Lanka


Unique hotel The Capsule Hotel4, Sri Lanka


Unique hotel The Capsule Hotel5, Sri Lanka


Movie credit: The Capsule Hotel

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380 Galle Road , Kolombo, Sri Lanka