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Unique hotel Thorngrove Manor, Australia

Thorngrove Manor

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Stay in the charming fantasy hotel!

You just cannot walk past this place without any emotions. In fact it looks more like a castle from fantasy tale than a hotel.  Everything here is built in romantic and baroque styles, with antique furniture, arches and little balconies - you can feel almost like in the Romeo and Juliet setting!

And it is quite private place - maximum number of people is 4 (despite it's big size), so you can walk the corridors and battlements in romantic privacy. Must see when in Adelaide!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning


Unique hotel Thorngrove Manor2, Australia


Unique hotel Thorngrove Manor5, Australia


Unique hotel Thorngrove Manor6, Australia


Unique hotel Thorngrove Manor7, Australia


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Thorngrove Manor Hotel - 2 Glenside Lane, Stirling, , Adelaide, Australia