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Unique hotel Topas Ecolodge, Viet Nam

Topas Ecolodge

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Relax in one of the best pools in Vietnam

Since 1993 Danish company Topas Travel has been arrangin tours to some of the most pristine areas of Vietnam. In 1999 when guides arrived to the green hills of Sapa Valley they dreamed of building a lodge here. 6 years later, Topas Ecolodge was opened without electricity, internet and mobile reception. Today it is one of the most recognized ecolodges in the world.

Rooms here lacks TV's and internet connection, but instead you can escape your everyday life by taking a dip in infinity pool surrounded by amazing views.

Throughout the years restaurant menu was perfected to find an important balance between international ingredients and local organic food.

Main attraction for the visitors here is paying visit to the charming ethnic villages. The region is a home to a five different tribes, each with its own culture and language. Also you can try visiting Sunday market, mountain biking or climbing Mt Fansipan. One of the best options in Vietnam.

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