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Unique hotel Train Hostel, Belgium

Train Hostel

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Sleep in the train parked on the building roof!

When the Train World Museum in Brussels announced their opening, unique Train Hostel owners knew what to do. With the help of SNCB they managed to buy retired 30-tonne train cars, and park them on top of 100 year-old building.

To do that they had to build concrete table with legs going through the whole building. Hundreds of kilometers of flea markets were searched to purchase antique equipment that would create unforgettable atmosphere of exciting journey from the past. And now you can enjoy it too!

There are dorms, as well as rooms with private bathrooms. Hostel has also cafeteria (Train Bistro) and comfy common room where you can hang out with other passenge..guests. Top pick not only for train enthusiasts!

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Air conditioning
Party area

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Avenue Georges Rodenbach 6 , Brussels, Belgium