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Unique hotel Treehouse Lodge, Peru

Treehouse Lodge

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Sleep at the amazing treehouse village!

5 different species of monkeys, pink and gray dolphins, sloths, macaws, parrots, and even tigres and jaguars. Say hello to your new neighbours!

Located 2h scenic plane ride from Iquitos, this is one of the most unique and remote lodges in the world. And it's on the tree! There are ten treehouses (with bathrooms and showers) and the main lodge - everything built in U.S. by structural engineer.

 Seeing 50 monkeys migrating through the lodge, colorful Macaws and Parrots flying across the top of the canopy is a sight to be remembered. Of course you'll have help and knowledge of proffesional guides when exploring the jungle even further. There are over 20 excursions available - from getting to know medicinal plants to Caiman spotting and night time walks.

Definitely one of the best stays in Peru!

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Treehouse Lodge, Yucuruche, Peru