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Unique hotel Tropical Islands, Germany

Tropical Islands

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Stay in the largest tropical dome in the world!

If you think that you have to leave Europe to experience tropics - think again! 60km from Berlin lies unique hotel Tropical Islands, where you can enjoy warm temperatures, white sand and blue water. All year-round! Everything here is located in the largest free standing dome in the world - former Zeppelin factory. Business did not go well and new investor decided to crate a little paradise here. Today you can enjoy tropical adventures plus waterslides, balloon flights, pirate fights or dine at one of many restaurants and bars.

You can choose to stay in the standard rooms, Adventure Lodges imitating tropical accommodations from across the world or... Safari Tents pitched on the beach! Either way you'll have a great time!

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Air conditioning
Swimming pool
Fitness area


Unique hotel Tropical Islands1, Germany


Unique hotel Tropical Islands2, Germany


Unique hotel Tropical Islands3, Germany


Unique hotel Tropical Islands4, Germany


Unique hotel Tropical Islands5, Germany


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Tropical Islands Allee 1 , Krausnick, Germany