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Unique hotel Tundra Lodge, Canada

Tundra Lodge

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Watch the polar bears from your rolling hotel!

Prepare for the adventure of your lifetime! Located on the subarctic tundra, this unique rolling hotel was custom-build and placed in the high polar bear density region.

Lodge has 32 cabins, similar to the ones on the train with comfortable bunkbeds. There are 6 toilets and 4 showers, lounge area, dining room with sliding windows and viewing platforms where you can take amazing photos of polar bears. Or Northern Lights. Or why not both?

It is probably the only place in the world, where you can watch polar bears in their prime habitat, from the comfort of your hotel!

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Unique hotel Tundra Lodge1, Canada


Unique hotel Tundra Lodge2, Canada


Unique hotel Tundra Lodge3, Canada


Unique hotel Tundra Lodge4, Canada


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