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Unique hotel Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, Canada

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

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Watch grizzly bears from the terrace of your lodge!

Indian legend tells of a restless wolf who was seeking for a new territory. He took a box-shaped object and set for a journey, descending the deep canyons and rushing water, until he came to a place where the river ran slow and the mountains spread wider. Needing rest, he dropped the box; it grew into a house and hence into the village of Stooick, which means a pleasing place to rest.

First Lodge here was built in 1931 by Tommy Walker, immigrant from England who decided to try a new life in the wilderness. (hotel's brochure from 1930's is available on hotel's website) . In 2008 it was bought by current owner who made some upgrades to the property, so you can stay in comfort. 

So what you can expect? Main lodge to socialize with fireplace, games room, bar and restaurant with fresh seafood and fine selection of wines. Chalets with comfortable beds, spa, yoga stretching area and hot outside bath that can accommodate up to 12 people. 

Of course lodge offers what's best in Canadian wilderness: some of the best in the country bear viewing tours, mountain biking, horseback riding, river drifts, nature walks, fishing, heli-skiing and heli-sightseeing. If you're looking for the best place to explore British Columbia - you just found it.

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Unique hotel Tweedsmuir Park Lodge2, Canada


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Tweedsmuir Park Lodge , Stuie, Canada