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Unique hotel Uros Titicaca Lodge, Peru

Uros Titicaca Lodge

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Explore Tititaca Lake from the floating hotel.

Meet unique hotel Uros, floating on the highest navigable lake on the world! In fact, it is man-made island with a little home, lookout tower and boats - adventure guaranteed! 

Islands are located 30min sail from Puno. Everything here is built from wood and totora - local plant growing on the bank. All experience is all-inclusive, so you'll have three meals a day. While here you can meet local Uros culture, learn how to make clothes and handicrafts, use the totora boats for fishing, and watch thousands of stars at night! Very nice unusual stay that will be remembered years later.

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Unique hotel Uros Titicaca Lodge2, Peru


Unique hotel Uros Titicaca Lodge3, Peru


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Uros Titicaca Lodge Floating island , Puno, Peru