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Unique hotel Utter Inn, Sweden

Utter Inn

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Floating mini-hotel with underwater bedroom

The floating hotel Utter Inn with underwater bedroom is the creation of local artist Mikael Genberg. It is located just a short boat ride from Västerås harbour. Once you'll get here, you'll get a chance to relax at the 25-m2 deck. Or take the boat to one of the nearby uninhabited islands.  Or enjoy your bedroom view – three metres below the surface of the water(!).

You'll find here everything you might need during your stay - from kitchen equipment including a hot plate, 10L of fresh water and fridge to the toilet. There is no electricity, so you can spend a evening without mobile phones and TV. Great little adventure!

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Unique hotel Utter Inn1, Sweden


Unique hotel Utter Inn2, Sweden


Unique hotel Utter Inn3, Sweden


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Utter Inn , Malaren Lake, Sweden