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Unique hotel Van Boi Ecolux Island, Viet Nam

Van Boi Ecolux Island

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Escape the crowds on the private island

Private island, swimming pool and 100m of private beach with mountain views - it doesn't have to cost a fortune! Welcome to unique Van Boi Ecolux Island where you can take a break you deserve. On the island you'll find only Restaurant, bar and 5 small houses, each with minibar, TV, AC and barbeque. There's no WiFi or cell phone reach, but instead you'll have a private island almost to yourself.

You will be picked up in Cai Beo port on Cat Ba island and taken on the 30 min journey on the boat. That's OK - usually beautiful and uncrowded places are harder to reach.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities

Boat trips

Unique hotel Van Boi Ecolux Island1, Viet Nam


Unique hotel Van Boi Ecolux Island2, Viet Nam


Unique hotel Van Boi Ecolux Island3, Viet Nam


Unique hotel Van Boi Ecolux Island4, Viet Nam


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