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Unique hotel Vatc Sleeppod, Viet Nam

Vatc Sleeppod

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Sleep in the genius pod on the Bali airport!

This idea is a pure genius - whenever you have to wait overnight for a plane to catch, you can use one of the pods with most important things: bed and alarm clock. And there's even TV if you want to kill some time.

We're not sure why this is not a thing on the other airports, but we will check. Perfect when stuck at the airport!

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Air conditioning

Unique hotel Vatc Sleeppod1, Viet Nam


Unique hotel Vatc Sleeppod2, Viet Nam


Unique hotel Vatc Sleeppod4, Viet Nam


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Floor 3, Terminal T1, Noi Bai International Airport, , Noi Bai, Viet Nam