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Unique hotel Vatnajokull Glacier Sleepover, Iceland

Vatnajokull Glacier Sleepover

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Spend a night inside Europe's largest glacier!

This is probably one of the most unique and extreme sleeping options in Iceland - and definitely one of the most beautiful ones. Thanks to From Coast To Mountains Tours you have a chance to spend a night in an ice cave of Vatnajökull - the biggest glacier in Europe.

Thick mattresses, arctic sleeping bags, hot food and drinks are all provided. Prepare for a bit of cold and 2-3 miles hike to the destination. But judging from the photos - it's worth every penny!

Photos: David Phan/Flickr
License: Creative Commons 2.0

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Unique hotel Vatnajokull Glacier Sleepover1, Iceland


Unique hotel Vatnajokull Glacier Sleepover2, Iceland


Unique hotel Vatnajokull Glacier Sleepover3, Iceland


Movie credit: Guide To Iceland

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