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Unique hotel Victorian Mansion, United States

Victorian Mansion

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Located in Los Alamos, in charming Victorian Mansion is another unique hotel where your stay will be remembered. On the outside house seems to ordinary, but inside there are six unusual themed suites designed by over 200 craftsmen and artists.

The muralist alone spend over two years and 40 hours each week completing all the murals.  Hidden bathrooms, spiral staircases, a 750 point cannon coffee table, and Egyptian sarcophagus, a 1500 pound solid stone door, swaying sea lanterns, a chariot, and a 1956 Cadillac convertible are just a few of the curiosities you’ll find inside. 

Each suite features impeccable décor and premium mattresses, sheets, towels, and bathrobes, with all the amenities a discriminating guest appreciates.  And each morning, a hot gourmet breakfast magically appears in your suite via a private food butler. Just Perfect!


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326 Bell Street , Los Alamos, United States