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Unique hotel Viking Barque, Sweden

Viking Barque

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How often do you get a chance to sleep on the floating museum? Well now you do! Barken Viking was built in 1907 in Copenhagen. It is one of only 14 four-masted barques in the world - quite unique place to stay if you ask us! At first it was used to train future sailors for the growing Denmark fleet. It's speed record was recorded in 1909 while carrying wheat from Australia - 15.5 knots.

Ship had a lucky escape in 1917 - it was boarded by german vessel and let go. Weeks later Germany turned to unrestricted marine warfare meaning that if they would sink Viking on sight. Viking took part in few races from Australia to Cornwall and travelled around the world in 1937-38. It came to Sweden in 1950 and today you have a unique chance to spend a night in this fantastic vessel.

Rooms are fair-sized (considering it's a ship), decorated by known marine artist Frantz Glatzl and equipped with TV's. Restaurant serves good food and city centre is close. We had a hard time falling asleep, thinking about all the voyages and adventures of Viking!

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