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Unique hotel Villa On Dunbar Rock, Honduras

Villa On Dunbar Rock

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Stay on a rock!

Literally, this unique place was built on the little rock surrounded by water. You might want to know why would stay here, and the answer is…diving! You can do 3 dives a day, including PADI courses and night dives.

Villa On The Rock used to be a private villa, belonging to someone who either loved fishes, or hated people. Or both. Today it hosts lovely resort spreading across 4 floors, where you will find 8 rooms with AC, bathrooms and balconies. Hotel has rooftop bar, private helicopter pad, infinity pool & indoor gym, indoor bar, dining area and a little sandy beach. If you're already familiar with diving you can rent euqipment on the spot and then explore any of the 60(!) diving sites in the area.

Everything is included here, so you do not have to worry about a thing, just explore colorful coral reef nearby. In the evening you can stretch yourself on the hammock with the view of Carribean Sea, and talk with others about the sea life.

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In hotel:

Swimming pool
Air conditioning

Helicopter flights

Unique hotel Villa On Dunbar Rock2, Honduras


Unique hotel Villa On Dunbar Rock4, Honduras


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