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Unique hotel Village Flottant, France

Village Flottant

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Visit Waterworld village!

Some of us might remember "Waterworld" movie with Kevin Costner, where whole world was covered by water. That's exactly how you might feel in unique hotel Village Flottant. It consists of floating wooden huts, each with sleeping places, toilet, and a boat if you wish to go back to the shore.

If you want to try some fishing it is the best place to start - you can simply fish from the terrace of your hut. If you're already fishing, there's a good chance that you might break your record, as some of the Carps here weight 15kg! There is a swimming pool and bicycle rental at the shore, if you would like to discover the area. Perfect unusual stay!

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Swimming pool
BBQ facilities


Unique hotel Village Flottant1, France


Unique hotel Village Flottant2, France


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