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Unique hotel Walaker Hotel, Norway

Walaker Hotel

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Stay in the oldest hotel in Norway!

Welcome to the unique Walaker Hotel - the oldest hotel in Norway. It was established in 1640, and then taken over by called Christen, and it's been managed by 9 generations of Nitter family. 10th generation was born in 2006, and naturally will have to wait some time before managing it.

The best thing about this place is the unique character and charm of hotels with long tradition. Classy historical decor and furniture, attentive staff, and fantastic food will guarantee a unforgettable stay.

Hotel is placed on the edge of the fjord with short drive to hiking spots and glaciers, boat tours, fishing spots and kayak rentals. Top pick!

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In hotel:

Swimming pool

Boat trips
Mountain trekking

Unique hotel Walaker Hotel1, Norway


Unique hotel Walaker Hotel2, Norway


Unique hotel Walaker Hotel3, Norway


Unique hotel Walaker Hotel4, Norway


Unique hotel Walaker Hotel5, Norway


Unique hotel Walaker Hotel6, Norway


Movie credit: Rick Steves' Europe

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Walaker Hotel , Solvorn, Norway