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Unique hotel Woodlyn Park Motel, New Zealand

Woodlyn Park Motel

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Plane, Ship or Hobbit House?

Have you ever wanted to feel the quiet Shire life of Bilbo Baggins or Frodo before they left for an adventures? In unique hotel Woodland Park you can!

Although it's not the one used in the famous Lord Of The Rings or Hobbit movies it's still very convincing. Inside you will find two units to rent, kitchen and little bedrooms. If you're planning an adventure you'll find it really close - this unusual place offers also sleepover in Waitanic Ship, Bristol Freightor plane and Waitanic Express train.

Everything is located inside the working farm with some really good views and it's the closest hotel to the Waitomo Caves - home of the bioluminscent Glow Worms. Must visit!

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Unique hotel Woodlyn Park Motel1, New Zealand


Unique hotel Woodlyn Park Motel2, New Zealand


Unique hotel Woodlyn Park Motel3, New Zealand


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1177 Waitomo Valley Road , Waitomo Caves, New Zealand