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Unique hotel Xandari Riverscapes, India

Xandari Riverscapes

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Spend a night on a kettuvalla

Probably you're wondering what is kettuvala? It is a traditional houseboat made from local jackfruit trees and tied with fiber rope from coconut tree and fish-oil. Sounds primitive? You should see the photos.

Each unique boat has rooms with AC, living area and kitchen. You can spend your time on the viewing deck looking at riverside landscapes, sipping drinks, enjoying your lunch during the day and million of stars at night.

All food is gathered locally, whether it's rice from local paddies, shellfish from local fishermen or ducks from duck farmers. There is a surprising number of things you can try during your stay on this unique boat: take canoe to visit Alleppey village and take a peak into the life of the local people, see the famous school bus boat, children playing around coconut trees and fishermen going about their daily lives. Unforgettable stay guaranteed.

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Unique hotel Xandari Riverscapes1, India


Unique hotel Xandari Riverscapes2, India


Unique hotel Xandari Riverscapes3, India


Unique hotel Xandari Riverscapes4, India


Unique hotel Xandari Riverscapes5, India


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Near Pallathuruthy Bridge , Alleppey, India